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Amaranth is a grainy herb used widely in Mexico. It is rich in Amino Acid. Also a good source of Magnesium and Iron. It is a natural gluten free product. Similar to quinoa it is high in protein and the belief is that it helps in reducing inflammation.

How to cook

To cook Amaranth, combine it with three times of water. Heat to boil. After that let it simmer for about 20 minutes. Add more water if required.

It can be added to soups, stews and cooked along slow cooked meals. It can also be used as a cereal.

Before cooking amaranth, you can sprout it by soaking it in water and then allowing the grains to germinate for one to three days

Amaranth can also be eaten as toasted like popcorn. It has earthy and nutty flavour. It can be used instead of couscous.

The seeds don’t totally soften but remain crunchy.