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Butter Chicken Pure Spice Masala With Recipe | Spice Pantry

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Pure Butter Chicken Masala With Recipe | Spice Pantry 

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Leena Butter Chicken Spice Contains

No Chilies

No Food Colour

No Additives

No Dilution

No Preservatives

No Salt

No Sugar

No Fat

No Sodium

All Natural

100% Pure

Common name

Murgh Makhani Masala Mix



Background and native countries

The family history of the butter chicken is as newfangled as the 1950s, when it was developed accidentally by a chief named Kunda Lal Gujral, of well-reputed restaurant Moti Mahal in Delhi, the capital of India. He, by coincidence, cooked the leftover butter, tomatoes, and tandoori chicken, which resulted in a revolutionary recipe_creation of "Murgh Makhani," aka "butter chicken," an Indian curry hailed from Northern India. This authentic dish became the best seller & savored by millions of people across the globe. It, without a double, is a 'special occasion' dish in Indian homes. This heavily flavorsome spice mix has made its way to its neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Taste and aroma

Butter Chicken Spice Blend is a perfect infusion of various organic spices & aromatic that are provocatively multi-crore, sweet, savory, peppery, astringent, & tangy. It has modest zest & a great depth of flavors, giving a phenomenal kick to the quintessential butter chicken Indian curry.

Culinary uses

Butter Chicken Spice Blend is incorporated into butter chicken preparation. It gives a refreshing, bright, red-yellowish curry base to the butter chicken gravy. 

This spice mix is also used to make meal rubs and well-rounded marinades, which, when roasted, stimulate the aroma of oils and fats within the meat, leading to the cooking of sensation dishes.

When applied on chicken and further infused with tomatoes and butter, Butter Chicken Spice Blend marinade crafts a complex, edgy, and finger-licking rich makhni gravy.

This multi-ingredient spice & herb mix is also used for cooking Paneer Makhani.

Benefits and medical uses

Butter Chicken Spice Blend is enclosed with spices and herbs having anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties that fight off and tone down inflammatory processes and oxidative damage occurring in the body, making it vulnerable to chronic illnesses. Spices and herbs present within this legendary spice mix have anti analgesic properties that reduce pain related to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other joint pains. This all-in-one spice mix controls diabetes, weight gain, obesity, low-density lipoproteins, atherosclerosis, inflammatory bowel diseases, Alzheimer's disease, and so on.


Bay Leaf, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander, Cumin, Garlic, Ginger, Nutmeg, Paprika and Turmeric


When properly handled, Butter Chicken Spice Blend can be stored in a close, tightly fitted jar or container where it can last up to 6 months to 1 year without losing its flavor & aroma. Our spice comes in an echo-friendly resealable bag. While 2 teaspoons are required at a time the rest can be stored away with the same bag in a dark place such as a drawer, pantry, or a cupboard.

How to make butter chicken curry masala

Butter chicken curry masala ingredients

500g Boneless Chicken (cut into cubes), 1 Onion (finely chopped), 2 tsp Leena Butter Chicken Curry Masala, 150g Tomato Paste, 1 cup Water, 300ml Cream (or Evaporated Milk), 50g ground Almonds and Cashew Nuts (optional), ¼ cup Butter or Margarine, ¼ tsp honey, ½ tsp Cayenne Pepper (to taste), and salt to taste.

Butter Chicken Recipe Step by Step

1) Melt butter in frying pan on medium-high heat.

2) Add chicken pieces and fry for 10-15 minutes until the chicken is brown. Remove and keep aside.

3) Add chopped onions to the remaining butter and sauté for 5-7 minutes until light brown.

4) Add chicken pieces to onions and stir for 2 minutes.

5) Add Leena Butter Chicken Curry Masala Spices, salt, cayenne pepper, tomato paste, ground nuts, and water.

6) Cover and cook until the chicken is tender.

7) Add cream or evaporated milk and cook for a further 10 minutes, until the gravy is thick.

8) Add honey and mix well. Garnish with coriander. Serve with rice, naan or pita.

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