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Common Name: Carom seeds/Thymolseeds /Ajwain/Ajowan

Scientific name: Trachyspermum Ammi

Kingdom: Plantae 

Family: Apiaceae

Background and native countries

Carom seeds have been used since ancient time in Persia and Egypt due to their incredible flavour and therapeutic medical properties. Currently, the biggest producer of this unique seed is India followed by Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and East America.

Cropping and harvesting 

Carom seeds are the fruits of the annual ajwain herb and mainly grown as a winter crop. Typically, the harvesting stage comes within 6 months.

Taste and Aroma:

The tiny slightly olive green to brown rare seed possesses a mildly bitter taste with strong aromatic essence. They are popular for their strong smell due to the presence of essential oil thymol. Therefore, the small quantity of ajwain keeps the potential to deliver a miraculous flavour and irresistible smell to savoury dishes. Ajwain is incredibly enriched with extremely tantalizing fragrance and bestow a warm pungent and slightly smoky flavour to a variety of cuisine.

Culinary uses

Carom seeds are the handiest ingredient when it comes to enhancing the charm table servings. They are extensively used in tempering curries or vegetables, seasoning loaves of bread & pastries and as a preservative in pickles, jams, chutneys etc.

Health benefits and medical uses 

Apart from the flavour booster, it has tremendous health prestige. These tiny seeds are regarded as a gift for ayurvedic and home remedial practices. It helps to treat migraine, stomach discomfort, common cold, obesity, constipation, asthma, ear or toothache, and acidity.


Store is a dark and dry place like pantry or drawer or cup board, in resealable bag or air tight container.