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Leena French 4 Spice Contains

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French four spices blend Quatre Epices is said to be created during Baroque period in St Malo during the 17th century.

Native Countries

As the name suggests it is native to France. The former French colonies took it to  Middle Eastern regions and eventually the combination of its popular ingredients spread throughout the world.

Aroma and Taste

French four spices blend quatre epices has a mix of mild sweet and semi-spicy flavour with a pleasant aroma.

Our French spice is carefully blend with corky and sweet cinnamon with a bark like smell. Then matched with berry tasting Pimento All spice. Counter balanced with a bitter note of cloves and tuned in carefully with just the right proportion of mellowy Ginger.

Those who cannot enjoy nuts can relish the nutty taste of Nutmeg with its pine like aroma.

Finally White Pepper adds a mild hot European flavour of Baroque era.

Historical Uses

It was traditionally used in French and European cuisine. Since its growth in popularity it is now a common addition in every food enthusiastic kitchen pantry.

Culinary Uses

With its peppery zing, the Quatre Epices is common in stews, ragouts, pate, sausages, meat, casseroles and any vegetables including carrots and sweet potatoes.

The yummy flavour can be mostly used as a seasoning to any dish as such.

Other Uses

Visionary chefs are even using it in bakery products such as pastries, bread and chocolates.  

Shelf life and Storage

It has a shelf life of almost two years. It can be stored in any dark place away from sunlight. Drawers cupboard or pantry are just fine.


All spice, Cinnamon sticks, Cloves, Ginger, Nutmeg and White pepper.