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Garam Masala Whole Pure Spice No Additives Leena Spices

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Garam Masala Whole Pure Spice No Additives Leena Spices

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Leena Garam Masala Spice Contains

No Chilies

No Food Colour

No Additives

No Dilution

No Preservatives

No Salt

No Sugar

No Fat

No Nuts

No Sodium

All Natural

100% Pure



Bayleaf, Black cardamom, Black peppercorns, Cinnamon quill, Cinnamon sticks, Cloves, Coriander seeds, Cumin seeds, Ginger, Green cardamom, Mace, and Nutmeg.

Garam masala, including the whole spice variant, originates from the Indian subcontinent. It's a traditional spice blend that has been used for centuries in Indian cooking. Garam masala is prized for its warm, aromatic, and complex flavor profile, making it an essential component in Indian dishes ranging from curries to meat and vegetable dishes. 

Handcrafted with care and sourced from the finest organic ingredients, our blend captures the rich tradition and vibrant flavors of Northern India, where garam masala originated. Elevate your culinary creations with our meticulously selected whole spices, including aromatic cinnamon, fragrant cardamom pods, pungent cloves, earthy cumin seeds, and more.

Experience the convenience and versatility of our whole garam masala spices, perfect for both novice cooks and seasoned chefs alike. Whether you're whipping up a hearty curry, marinating meats, or adding depth to your vegetarian dishes, our blend promises to infuse your recipes with unparalleled warmth and complexity.