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As one of the most loved ingredients in Chinese cooking, the Szechwan Pepper will reinvent the way you cook and add a beautiful original flavour.

Also known as the Sichuan Pepper, the spice lacks the intensity of black and white peppers, instead offering a citrusy and woody flavour with a heat that results in a mild numbing sensation on the tongue.

The Szechwan Pepper also provides a lavender like aroma, set to delight the senses.

The Chinese native has been used for centuries as a seasoning for specific oriental delicacies. Although, Sichuan Pepper is also commonly used whole in stir-fries, hot pots, and braised dishes. And rubs perfectly into meat, seafood, and poultry.

Also try grinding it up and creating a Sichuan Pepper oil, sauce, or seasoning.

These peppercorns should be stored sealed, or if you choose to grind them, use the grinds straight away.

Mix up your cooking and try something new with this beautiful ingredient.

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