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Sumac is a unique spice with a flavour that has been likened to the tartness of lemon. It shares the same sour compound as apples, grapes and rhubarb – making it an ideal substitute. Its deep purply tone and fine powder-like texture offer a milder, more fruity profile that balances the acidity. When you try this spice, hints of dried cranberry and cherry will enter your palate with a deep earthiness behind every bite. 

The sumac plant originates from the Mediterranean region and has been used for centuries all over the world. In North America, Sumac Spice was even used by Native Americans to create healing beverages and smoking mixtures for ceremonies. 

Try the versatile Sumac by dusting it over meats, salads, bread, and desserts, or as a fine substitute for vinegar. You could also use it as a rub for meat and vegetables or marinade to enhance the natural flavours. 

Try the originality of Sumac today.